problems with nALFS - md5sums

Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Sun Dec 4 08:55:20 PST 2005

Olaf Grüttner wrote:
> I have started making a lfs 6.1.1 system using nALFS 1.2.5.
> unfortunately the system exits with error of a wrong md5 sum for binutils.
> I have checked the md5sum of the package and compared it to the checksum contained in
> ./config/packages.ent 
> they are the same. 
> what can be the problem?
Not easy to tell without output from the screen, but in the past it's 
been permission issues.
> can I switch off the md5sum checking alltogether for the whole build?
With 1.2.5 yes you can, with the (-d) option.

You may also want to download the new version of 6.1.1 (6.1.1-1) profile 
that will be released here momentarily.


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