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Joachim Beckers wrote:

> Ahmed Masud wrote:
> Nice. That's one hurdle overcome.
>> My proposal is that LFS consider SIB as possible starting point
>> for ALFS, as it is quite mature and covers a good chunk of the
>> goals that ALFS lists in its website.
> I don't know how close you have been following development the last
> weeks. The official implementation is still nALFS (written in c),
> but the coding effort has shifted mostly to jhALFS (written in sh).
> It was decided that alfs (the successor of nALFS) will be written
> in c. jhALFS is built so that it parses the LFS book directly, no
> profiles involved. In both cases, SIB isn't really suitable.
> I'll leave it up to the rest of us to decide what we'll do next. I
> guess we'll have to see what SIB can do first. I'm sure that if it
> can handle dependencies, it's a quite nice piece of software. Is it
> use to build your entire distro?

SIB is very much like jhALFS.  We use SIB to build the distro and
other projects,
whenever we have to put several packages together to form single system.

The idea behind it is to never have to redo what's already done for a
package or a group of packages.  All quirks, specialities, hacks etc.
of any build are completely recorded in a searchable, managable way.
Combined with revision control it becomes a very powerful tool.

There is an instance where we've done entire builds on blank system
off a bootstrapping Live CD.

>> We may have to make the documentation worthy of wider
>> distribution :-) because internally it's just taught through
>> apprenticeship.
> How does that surprise me... :-D
Heheh It's not too complicated, I can have my people do atleast a
starter documentation and I can maintain it as much as time permits.

> That has been on my mind for ages now, but I've never really
> started
> working on it.
Something that can be worked on together.

> It's really cool. I appreciate that you want to share your work
> with us.
Well LFS has always been a favourite project of mine, so to contribute
to it is a pleaure.


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