Hello every one

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Dec 4 04:33:57 PST 2005

Ahmed Masud wrote:
> The tool was always internal, however I have no issue causing it to 
> be released under an open source license say GPL or LGPL.

Nice. That's one hurdle overcome.

> My proposal is that LFS consider SIB as  possible starting point for 
> ALFS, as it is quite mature and covers a good chunk of the goals that
> ALFS lists in its website.

I don't know how close you have been following development the last
weeks. The official implementation is still nALFS (written in c), but
the coding effort has shifted mostly to jhALFS (written in sh).

It was decided that alfs (the successor of nALFS) will be written in c.
jhALFS is built so that it parses the LFS book directly, no profiles
involved. In both cases, SIB isn't really suitable.

I'll leave it up to the rest of us to decide what we'll do next. I guess
we'll have to see what SIB can do first. I'm sure that if it can handle
dependencies, it's a quite nice piece of software. Is it use to build
your entire distro?

> We may have to make the documentation worthy of wider distribution 
> :-) because internally it's just taught through apprenticeship.

How does that surprise me... :-D

> Please remember that this is NOT directly LFS books, however we can 
> easily write an xsl that converts books to SIB XML format.

That has been on my mind for ages now, but I've never really started
working on it.

> Well let me know what you think of the idea overall.

It's really cool. I appreciate that you want to share your work with us.


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