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Wed Aug 24 11:16:06 PDT 2005

Joachim Beckers <jbeckers at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote ..
> Hi Kendrick,
> First of all, just out of curiosity: are you anyone that we know
> already? (from the HLFS team possibly?)
if you go to the irc channel yes ive been around for quite a while on and off as  Kendrick usually in #lfs-support where im a half op now and #hlfs 

> Sure, I could take a look at it. Is there a place where I can find the
> latest version?

been getting lots of errors when I tried to run it will post newer one shortly.

> > with alot more looking im shure I could find where all I need to
> > chang the lfs references. At this time im not that concerned with
> > that, however its on the todo list. 
$LFS-version; etc when i changed it in general.ent?  it errored because there were other refferences i hadent found, while making profile never saw them so left it as LFS insted of HLFS...

the system i had my notes on did a hard crash lastnight and i lost what i had writen.   

I know that the environment was not getting set properly.  if it was run from the profile i would get errors like command not found.  if i ran it from the shell manualy it would work.  also for some reason the .bash_profile and .bashrc were not running as they shouldit threw 2 errors up when i logged in.  after running the same command from the shel and sourcing it worked as normal.

I hope to get what i found fixed by today and email it later on... 
I got to either glibc or gcc pas2 

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