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Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Aug 21 21:18:42 PDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-08-21 at 23:14 -0500, hlfs at server.linux2themax.com wrote:
> I just finshed the profile for hlfs and am running it on a machine now.
>   I was hoping it could be looked at to make shure i didnt make any
>  huge mistakes.  Im shure little bits and pieces need changing.  
One major thing I noticed are a lot of validity errors, you won't
normally see these with nALFS itself, that's why the checkit.sh script
exists. All it basically does it passes the profile through xmllint and
checks for validity against the DTD. It's very useful to run this as
your working with profiles. 

Most notably is when your using the execute element, at first you
started out right by doing [execute command="some command...." /] then
later you started putting program in place of command, don't know what
happened but that needs to be corrected. 
> e2fs.sh is set in the profile to be pulled from the sources dir. since
>  I didnt include that dir I put it in the root of the profile.  that
>  was the only command I couldent figure out how to do inside the
>  profile.
You could have just put it inside an execute element, like you've done
with a lot of the sed's.

> I had one other oddity and that was a odd parsing message when you
>  first load the profile 2 lines that are rather vague. ill relate them
>  in a fiew if you notice them when you load the profile id appriciate
>  knowing their source.
Was it these:
│W:Unknown element:alfs->stage->stage->alfs->package->stage->exectute

This one I can tell is a mispelling of execute.
This one is in chapter06/sysklogd.xml

│W: Unknown element: alfs->stage->textdump->contents   

And this one, contents should be content
This is from the textdump in LFS.xml for the /root/reminder.txt file

If you haven't already looked at the DTD docs, you can find them here:

You can find some good pointers in here, when you get stuck.

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