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Sun Aug 21 21:14:45 PDT 2005

I just finshed the profile for hlfs and am running it on a machine now.  I was hoping it could be looked at to make shure i didnt make any huge mistakes.  Im shure little bits and pieces need changing.  

e2fs.sh is set in the profile to be pulled from the sources dir. since I didnt include that dir I put it in the root of the profile.  that was the only command I couldent figure out how to do inside the profile.

with alot more looking im shure I could find where all I need to chang the lfs references. At this time im not that concerned with that, however its on the todo list.  Im going to eventually make the syntax more consistant but i know there are  a fair amount of people whom would love to see a working profile in short order

I had one other oddity and that was a odd parsing message when you first load the profile 2 lines that are rather vague. ill relate them in a fiew if you notice them when you load the profile id appriciate knowing their source.

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