Compile dies with "cannot find -lm/"

Oscilated oscilated at
Thu Aug 11 13:29:19 PDT 2005

> You are probably the first person to compile on a x64 box.  Do you have
> 32bit libraries installed?  I know very little about the platform.
> James

I'm not real sure how to determine that.  I followed the Gentoo 2005.0
install procedure (of course using the AMD64 path).

Hopefully this helps:

I DO have a /lib32 and /lib64 (and /usr/lib32 and /usr/lib64) directory and
a /lib symlink pointing to /lib64 (and one at /usr/lib that points to

Additionally, within /lib32 are the files, and
with symlinks pointing to and pointing
to  I have also compiled vanilla kernel- (not using a
gentoo kernel) to support "IA32 Emulation".

I would be happy to help you determine this problem.  Please advise on how
to help.

Thanks for the reply,


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