automated build steps (goals)

Chuck Sheets csheets61 at
Wed Aug 10 06:17:10 PDT 2005

regardless of the tool used, Im looking for a process that will perform 
end-to-end installation and creation.

The steps I follow are:
  1.. boot to CD
  2.. fdisk
  3.. load OS to Machine (os_setup script)
  4.. initialize network (netsetup script)
  5.. initialize grub (grubsetup script)
  6.. reboot to disk
  7.. tailor kernel as desired (doconfig script)
  8.. tweak fstab (as necessary)
  9.. reboot again
  10.. nfs mount deployment area
  11.. load additional packages as desired (menu)
  12.. manually update scripts to create new release (potentialy lots of 
time and testing here)
  13.. Execute toolchain process (menu)
  14.. package toolchain (menu)
  15.. execute LFS process to create new OS (menu)
  16.. package new OS (menu)
  17.. prepare/stage OS for CD creation (menu)
  18.. burn new OS installation CD (menu)
 In my process steps 11 and 13-18 can be initiated from the command line 
or from a build "menu". (Again - Im still cheating and fixing in my 
process today, especially in the area of loading additional packages - 
but its getting there)

This does assume the initial setup of a "deployment area" that contains 
the software as well as the installation process in its own filesystem. 
those are just details and can be easily documented. Some of the steps 
obviously need a little explanation - but I didnt want to write a book 

The point is that there are no gaps in this process flow. there is no 
"leap of faith" where the user has to pull the parts together for 
themself and figure out how to get from one step to the next step. It is 
one single process flow.

Im not seeing that in ALFS. Am I missing it? Or are those "leaps of 
faith" the entire educational point of LFS? I wouldnt have learned as 
much as I did without having to figure some of that out for myself.


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