nALFS can't find linux-config

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Apr 14 13:40:03 PDT 2005

Dominic Hilsbos wrote:
> I'm trying to use nALFS to build Chapters 5 and 6 from
> the version 6.0 book, but it is stopping before doing
> any compilations in Chapter 5.  It is stopping with
> with a cp error of file does not exist.  It is looking
>  for a file called linux-config.  What is this, where
> can I find it?  I want to do Chapters 7 and beyond by
> hand, including configuring and compiling the kernel,
> if what it is looking for is a kernel configuration
> file.  Do I have to create the kernel configuration
> first? Or do I otherwise have to do this file by hand?
> Dominic Hilsbos

As the name should imply, this is the config file for your kernel. It's 
what gets saved after you select all the appropriate drivers and 
settings for your machine.

Here's what the profile's general.ent has to say:

<!-- Linux .config file to use
	This file should be in a state that running `make oldconfig` will run 
straight through, as
	that's what the profile in chapter 8 does with this entity.
<!ENTITY kernel-config "linux-config">

So, basically you want to unpack your kernel source somewhere, run 'make 
menuconfig', select all the options you want/need, save the config file 
and then move or copy it to your sources directory as 'linux-config'

Thomas, can we maybe mention this in the README? I thought we did, but I 
went looking there and I don't see anything.  If no one else gets to it 
first, I'll try to slip this in as I have time.

Jeremy Huntwork

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