nALFS can't find linux-config

Dominic Hilsbos dhilsboslfs at
Thu Apr 14 13:07:52 PDT 2005

I'm trying to use nALFS to build Chapters 5 and 6 from
the version 6.0 book, but it is stopping before doing
any compilations in Chapter 5.  It is stopping with
with a cp error of file does not exist.  It is looking
 for a file called linux-config.  What is this, where
can I find it?  I want to do Chapters 7 and beyond by
hand, including configuring and compiling the kernel,
if what it is looking for is a kernel configuration
file.  Do I have to create the kernel configuration
first? Or do I otherwise have to do this file by hand?

Dominic Hilsbos

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