nALFS User's Guide

James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Oct 24 19:29:15 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Personally, I see little need for an _nALFS_ hacker's guide, but a need 
> for a _profile_ hacker's guide. Anyone who wants to hack on the nALFS 
> code should be able to understand it reasonably well without a guide, 
> and if they don't they can come to the list and ask questions. An 
> additional concern with the guide is that it would have to be updated 
> very frequently (as code changes are made that change structures, APIs, 
> organization, etc.) and that could be a detriment to working on nALFS 
> itself.

I agree as well. The verbiage in the HG about getting the source code 
and building a distro tarball is 90% of what I was thinking.  I do want 
to document about how the tool separates "front" and "back" ends a bit 
(even though they are not really separate).  This is how the tool is put 
together right now. I would expect to do an update to that section 
if/when we get to nALFS2 development.  We at least need to get some 
basic stuff down and refer the potential hacker to the code and the 
lists for more info.

> I also agree that putting up wiki pages to hold proposed outlines and 
> flesh out the content is a good idea.


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