Sync with the current LFS-Book

Daniel Baumann linuxfromscratch-mailinglists at
Wed Oct 20 12:36:41 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> the lfs-book uses the corresponding names for the xml-files.
> But why should the names used in the book's XML source make any 
> difference? The profile does not follow the XML source, it follows the 
> completed (generated) book. It would be perfectly valid for the profile 
> to be in a single combined file (and in fact my own personal version 
> used to be that way), and that would in no way detract from its 
> usefulness or make it "imperfect".

perfection in the way as it would be more homogeneous, more beautiful in 
my eyes.

was a bit unclear, i didn't want to say that the profile is 'imperfect' 
from the technical point-of-view, if you got it so i appologize for that 
- wasn't my intension.

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