CDEASY-profile error

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Oct 20 12:22:46 PDT 2004

zalmay sanam wrote:

This is the third time you've posted this message (including sending to 
me, Thomas and Gerard personally, among others). Reposting does not 
ensure that you will get a response; if noone has any clue what you are 
talking about it's likely you won't get a response no matter how often 
your repost it.

In any case, I'll try to help you :-)

>       When I execute The CDEASY-profile after some time I am welcomed with the 
> following
>       error messages

I'd never heard of this profile before, so I did a little searching. It 
appears to be a very old (over a year) profile produced by Vassili.

>          I: Executing system command in /mnt/lfs4/mnt:
>          I:     cp $(find /mnt/lfs4 -name "chroot" -type f) bin/
>          I: Executing system command in /mnt/lfs4/mnt:
>          I:     cp $(find /mnt/lfs4 -name "pivot_root" -type f) bin/
>          I: Executing system command in /mnt/lfs4/mnt:
>          I:     cp 
> /mnt/lfs4/lib/{,,,} l││ib/
>          -: cp: writing `lib/': *No space left on device *
>          -: cp: writing `lib/': *No space left on device *

What is hard to understand here? Wherever the profile is trying to write 
these files does not have any space (or inodes) left. Additionally, what 
are those strange characters in the middle of "lib/" above? If those are 
in the profile, I can't see how it could be expected to work properly.

> The Result of #df -k command is as follow
> /dev/hda9                  11084636     648740     9872820      7%         
> /mnt/lfs4
> */mnt/lfs4/boot/initrd    5371            5369         2                
> 100%      /mnt/lfs4/mnt *
> /dev/hda1                  9765960       7939488   1826472      82%       
> /mnt/windows2000
> /mnt/lfs4/boot/initrd    5371            5369         2                100%     
> /mnt/lfs4/mnt

My guess would be that the filesystem mounted at /mnt/lfs4/mnt does not 
have any inodes available; have you tried "df -i" to see what is available?

This is a pretty basic problem with your system, not with the profile, 
the packages or the ALFS tool you are using. You should be able to 
diagnose and solve problems like this before attempting to build an LFS 
system, and using a pre-built profile does not mean that you don't have 
to understand what it's doing... if anything, using a pre-built profile 
should only be attempted by people who have _already_ done a build (more 
than one would be better) via the manual method, so they know what's 

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