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Tue Nov 30 12:19:09 PST 2004

Matthew Burgess escribió en alfs.discuss el Martes, 30 de Noviembre de 2004 19:26:

> As is evidenced by the fact that as a result of XIncluding all the
> separate XML documents that form the actual profile, you end up with
> multpile <alfs> tags.  An XML document should only ever have 1 root
> element, so at the moment it'll only ever pass the well-formedness
> checks.  Changing/enforcing this validity isn't possible without
> overhauling the profiles, and probably nALFS itself.

IMHO, that is due the fact that each profile should can be parsed by nALFS to be
executed alone, without load the parent profile. You should be able to load and run
chapter06/glibc.xml for example, without load lfs.xml. Then the top level tag in
each profile must be {alfs}.

An easy solution to make a valid xincluded profile is to add xpointers at the
xinclude elements, like this:

<xi:include href="chapter05/creatingtoolsdir.xml" 

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