RelaxNG support on nALFS?

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Tue Nov 30 10:26:02 PST 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:
> Should we introduce RelaxNG support into nALFS? 
> Currently there is no DTD validation in nALFS and only well formedness is
> checked.

As is evidenced by the fact that as a result of XIncluding all the 
separate XML documents that form the actual profile, you end up with 
multpile <alfs> tags.  An XML document should only ever have 1 root 
element, so at the moment it'll only ever pass the well-formedness 
checks.  Changing/enforcing this validity isn't possible without 
overhauling the profiles, and probably nALFS itself.

  Bug 617 (
> needs some sort of validation built into nALFS so should we go whole hog 
> and add RelaxNG or make bug 617 a WONTFIX and make note of it for nALFS2?

Certainly a WONTFIX for this version.  RELAX NG would be my favoured 
schema language, FWIW.



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