1.2.4 moving to trunk + a patch

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Nov 29 15:32:20 PST 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:
> If nobody has any objections I will be moving the 1.2.4 branch of nALFS
> to trunk tomorrow. This will enable us to :-
> 	o have a stable and _working_ trunk again.
> 	o enable the current outstanding bug fixes to be done
> 	  and committed.
> 	o find out where trunk went wrong i.e. diff the current 
> 	  trunk against 1.2.4 and add in the changes slowly until
> 	  everything works as expected.
> If I don't hear anything against this in the next 24 hours I'll do the
> swap. 

That sounds fine to me.  I would name the branch 1.2 as opposed to 1.2.4 
as the .4 is a release on the 1.2 branch.

> As a side note, disabling of digest checking was mentioned as a bit of a
> show-stopper with people sed'ding out the md5 from profiles. I've
> attached a patch that applies to 1.2.4 which will add the -d or
> --disable-digest option which will skip md5 checking. It will be applied
> to trunk after the swap has taken place.

Would you please add this as a enh req in BZ for nALFS2?  I would like 
to see it as a command line option and also a function in the gui.


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