New Features for Profiles

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri Nov 26 10:16:12 PST 2004

Jim Gifford wrote:
> If you add the download stuff, it should be the first thing done like 
> the copying, but it should also include any md5sum, it also should check 
> to see if the file exists before it downloads, to prevent use of uneeded 
> bandwidth. I would recommend taping into the curl library for the 
> downloading.

All of this is already implemented in nALFS-1.2.4. It already can use 
the curl library if configured at compile time, it already skips 
downloading the file if it already exists (and the digest check says its 
OK), etc.

The only issue is that the profile does not currently do all the 
downloads up front, it does them as needed as each package is built. One 
option is to change the profile to have all the download instructions at 
the beginning, although that creates more maintenance work for the 
profile editors and also means that all the package entities have to 
included in a common file again... The other option is for users to just 
use the already included wget script to get their packages before 
starting the profile at all.

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