New Features for Profiles

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Nov 26 06:53:43 PST 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:

>I agree with Hui Zhou on this one. I know nALFS is going into maintenance
>mode but adding a --ingnore-md5 option wouldn't be that hard to do and 
>would be a sufficient enough improvement for it to be added.
If you can do it, great. Otherwise a simple shell script or sed command 
is good enough for me.

>The unpacking based on file extension is also a good idea and would fix 
>many a newcomers problems. Looking back through the mail archive there are
>references to people using the wrong tarballs so I think this is again,
>sufficient enough excuse to add it.
Again, if it's simple enough to add, go ahead. Looping through 4 
possible file formats for each package wouldn't take that long, so I've 
nothing against that solution, if you want. However, I *still* want to 
emphasize that I'd like the profiles to by default use bz2 format and 
have the wget scripts download from our ftp servers where possible.  
Personally, to me, even more important than having our tool be able to 
intelligently find the package, would be the ability to download it on 
the fly if it's missing.  If that feature is already there, and I'm just 
missing it, please point it out to me.

>As for parallel builds, that should be left up to the user IMO.
Definitely. That's why I want this one in the profiles.

>BTW - I've not been around for the last couple of days on IRC because I'm
>fighting with a x86_64 LFS build and its winning at the moment. I'll be
>back by the end of the weekend though.
Look forward to seeing you there. :) Hope the build works out.

Jeremy Huntwork

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