New Features for Profiles

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Fri Nov 26 01:21:54 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote on 26 November 2004 09:22
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> The unpacking based on file extension is also a good idea and would fix
>> many a newcomers problems. Looking back through the mail archive there
>> references to people using the wrong tarballs so I think this is again,
>> sufficient enough excuse to add it.
> Yeah, it would be nice, but I think this would be very difficult.  The
> <unpack> element already uses the extention to determine what process to
> use to unpack it.  The thing is, how would nALFS find the tarball in
> question if we don't use the complete filename?  Do we have it look for
> each particular extention, i.e. look for tar.bz2, tar.gz, .tgz, .zip and
> so on?   We sure can't do any kind of wild-card matching, because then
> you'd end up also catching patch files and the like.

Doing a stat on each file+extension would be ok in my eyes but if anyone
feels theres a problem with this speak up.

> -J-

	--	Jamie

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