Please, no check-ins until further notice

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Thu Nov 25 21:15:10 PST 2004

Hey guys!

I'd like to take a minute to convert the ALFS SVN repo to a fsfs-backed 
repo.  We've already converted LFS about 2 weeks ago, and it seems to be 
doing fine like that, plus it avoids the problems we have all seen 
occasionally where an admin must do a db_rebuild on the repo to fix it.

To do that, I have to dump the repo into a text file, then delete and 
re-create the repo as a FSFS-backed repository, then re-import the 
data.  Should not take more than half an hour or so.  So, unless someone 
specifically complains in the next 5 mins or so, consider the ALFS SVN 
repo locked until further notice :)


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