ALFS Direction Revisited

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Nov 25 14:57:07 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> At the same time,  I don't think the ALFS project really wants to take 
> on development of a tool that could do *every* system admin task for 
> you.  If it can handle some tasks that could be classified as system 
> administration, that's fine, so long as they fit into the notion of 
> automating an LFS build.  Otherwise, we might as well call this 
> project something besides Automated Linux From Scratch.  So saying the 
> tool is a system admin tool, IMO, wouldn't be accurate, because 
> although it may perform some sys admin tasks, it's focus is the 
> building and managing of LFS, not general system administration.

Ok. I've given this one some time, but as it is holding us back from the 
coding of our new tool, I'm setting forth what I see as the mission 
statement of ALFS. Jamie, I know you mentioned to me that you had a 
couple of ideas on this one.  Please feel free to comment on it, and we 
can give some thought to adjusting or slightly revising the statement, 
if there is a need.

Old statement as found on the whatisalfs page:

"Its main goal is to /automate/ the process of creating an LFS system. 
As a secondary goal it aims to provide a framework for system 
administration using automated processes."

New mission statement:

"Its goal is to automate the process of creating an LFS system. It seeks 
to make the process of building LFS easier and more efficient while 
still providing flexibility, granting the user total control and insight 
into the compilation and management of his LFS build."

I'll be putting this new statement on the whatisalfs page on the site, 
and likely make a news item out of it.  I'll wait a day or so to that, 
so that we can alter or revise if necessary.  But unless there is more 
discussion on this, consider the above the new mission statement of 
ALFS.  That said, we can now focus on finalizing the wiki docs that 
describe the feature sets of our new tool, making sure that they fit the 
mission statement, and that we have a solid foundation for building the 
new ALFS tool.  When we feel the docs on the wiki are *final*, I want to 
make sure we have the input and approval of *every* ALFS Development 
Team member, any ALFS Project member is free to comment as well, but I 
won't move forward until all the Dev Team comments.

Everyone set?

Let's go!

Jeremy Huntwork

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