Can the "=" character be omitted in textdumps?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Nov 24 13:05:48 PST 2004

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Maybe I'm behind on development, but currently I have to use = 
> characters in my textdump blocks because the first character is always
> deleted. I'm not sure if that = is even mandatory, i just started using
> it as other people were.

It's there because otherwise the whitespace at the beginning of the line 
would be put into the output file. The blob of data given to the 
textdump element is not broken up into lines by the XML parser, it's 
just an opaque blob.

If you didn't want to be able indent the lines of your text to match the 
rest of the profile, that character could be eliminated. Otherwise, 
there has to be some sort of "beginning of line" indicator. And it's not 
the "first character", the program actually looks for the first "=" on 
each line and drops everything before it.

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