DTD as RelaxNG

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Nov 21 11:32:45 PST 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:
> Matthew Burgess wrote on 17 November 2004 17:25
>>Jamie Bennett wrote:
>>>Anyone with a working java run time want to convert it and post it to the
>>Here it is.  I assumed you wanted the latest version in trunk/
>>converted.  If not, let me know.
> Can anyone with a more XML/DTD/RelaxNG mind peruse over the doc and see if
> they can find any glaring errors. If its ok we can use it for the official
> nALFS2 schema?

Well, testing has shown two problems with it so far.  After fixing 
those, I've now got chapter09 to validate OK.  I'll finish testing the 
rest of the profile then submit the (hopefully final) RELAX NG schema. 
Oh, and some good news.  Discussions on IRC suggested that using 
entities and RELAX NG together is not possible.  Well, it is, I was just 
misunderstanding google's results.  What you could do in DTDs was 
declare entities as part of the DTD itself.  You can't do that in RELAX 
NG.  However, we declare our entities *outside* of the schema, and we 
*can* use them in our profiles without a problem.



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