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Tue Nov 16 12:05:50 PST 2004

El Mar 16 Nov 2004 02:48 Jeremy Huntwork escrbió:

> * Manuel Canales Esparcia - *If* our new tools in any way trigger
> changes in the LFS Book XML, Manuel would be our choice to help us
> implement them, specifically with changes to the stylesheets. Even now,
> we could use his input on what is or what is not possible. I haven't
> spoken yet to Manuel, so he'll also need to let us know whether or not
> he is interested/able to spend the time in helping the team. I've cc'd
> him to make sure he gets this.

Now that the XSLT framework for HTML and PDF are finished (only maintenace 
mode to match newest DocBook-XSL versions or bug-fixes, if needed) the next item 
in my TODO is try to create ALFS output. Like I said some days ago in lfs-dev 
(or maybe lfs-hackers), there is some issues hard to solve, like the ones 
pointed by Jamie Bennett for lfscmd. That issues can supose changes in the 
Book's XML for both XSLT or lfscmd approachs.

Said this, you decide if an XSLT framework is wanted, if we go to the lfscmd 
one, or if we try to develop both and see what of them do a better job, if any 
work at all ;-)

Regarthless the above, I'm interested/able in join the ALFS-Team and help in any 
way that could be needed and I could do.

Manuel Canales Esparcia         
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