ALFS Direction Revisited

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Nov 16 11:11:20 PST 2004


After some discussion both here on the mailing list and with others in 
#alfs-dev it seems appropriate to put forth some more specific 
goals/direction for the ALFS Project.  Here's what I have in mind:

1) We need to rebuild our mission statement or create one. Currently, 
the best thing I found is here:
Interestingly, that page mentions part of the purpose of ALFS is 
automated system administration, which I've never seen happen with our 
current tool.  So I think it would help us a great deal if we all had 
firmly in mind *what* ALFS is all about and what the LFS/BLFS community 
expects out of it. To do that we need to put it in writing. This is 
something that Kevin mentioned in his resignation post, but that we 
haven't really seen come about yet.  Let's make this our *first* 
priority as it will very much affect the direction we take.

2) After we have our mission statement in place and fully agreed upon, 
finalizing the feature set of our new tool and drafting it into a 
presentable form for the LFS community will be a much easier task.  
Before we present anything to the LFS community, I'd like to see all 
ALFS Project members agree on the Features and Requirements Definition.  
Discussion and editing can take place on the wiki:

3) Our current build tool, nALFS-1.2.4, needs to go into maintenance 
mode.  I believe it is mostly there already, however we need to spend a 
little time collecting all bugs into Bugzilla and get them marked and 
assigned so we can resolve any outstanding issues.  We can begin working 
on this one right away, as well.

If there are no objections, let's consider these our immediate goals.  
As per a suggestion made by James Robertson, I'm inclined to make the 
above a news item on the website so that others can readily see that we 
are moving again and progress is being made. I'll give this a day or 
two, to hear any thoughts/ammendments you may have, and then proceed.


Jeremy Huntwork

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