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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Nov 15 17:48:02 PST 2004

Hi All,

After sending out some feelers and getting a few good responses I'd like 
to set forth the skeleton of the Development Team for the new ALFS build 

* Jeremy Huntwork - Mostly I'll take on the role of organization and 
management, but if I learn enough to contribute some real code, I'll 
jump in. ;)
* Jamie Bennett - Jamie has already put forth a number of excellent 
suggestions and documented our proposed path
* Kevin Fleming - Though he's busy, I want to keep Kevin on the team, at 
the very least in name, so we can easily tap into his experience.

I'd also like to make the following proposals for additions to the ALFS 
Development Team:

* Boris Buegling (you may know him as NeoCool) - Boris has already 
offered some good suggestions for our new tool and also has experience 
with C, Bash, Java, C++, Perl. Listed in the order of what he feel is 
his expertise.

* Manuel Canales Esparcia - *If* our new tools in any way trigger 
changes in the LFS Book XML, Manuel would be our choice to help us 
implement them, specifically with changes to the stylesheets. Even now, 
we could use his input on what is or what is not possible. I haven't 
spoken yet to Manuel, so he'll also need to let us know whether or not 
he is interested/able to spend the time in helping the team. I've cc'd 
him to make sure he gets this.

The above would be what I consider the 'core' Development Team.  If 
there are others with experience in C (currently we are inclined to use 
C as the development language, as opposed to others that require 
additional libraries) who are willing to contribute, please speak up.

On a similar note, I'd like to propose that Thomas Pegg act as a leader 
for the ALFS Profile Editors, basically for the purpose of coordinating 
their efforts to keep the profiles up-to-date.

Any objections or comments on the above proposals?

Jeremy Huntwork

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