Any advice or profiles for distcc?

Daniel Baumann daniel.baumann at
Mon Nov 15 01:44:09 PST 2004

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> 1) Before I start hacking on all of the individual chapter .xml 
> files/profiles, is there any way to set "make -j 4" globally & just turn 
> it off on profiles that have heartburn with it?
The parallelcompiling-hint ships a patch for the nalfs-profile within. 
It's atm a bit outdated, I will sync them with lfs-6.0 soon.

> 3) (Or heaven-forbid: Any profiles designed with distcc in mind? ;-) ) 
> Had to ask...
tony seguiera did once a profile on his own for distcc (uncertain), have 
a look on the mail-archives (he did the distcc-hint as well).

> 4) One system is running on an AMD 2400+ under Virtual PC 2004 on Win2k, 
> the other is a Crusoe-based laptop - but both LFS installs are compiled 
> i686. Should I expect any problems using such different CPU 
> architectures, or am I in uncharted territory here? ;-P
It should be safe to do so, see crosscompiling-x86-hint. It's atm a bit 
outdatet, I will sync them with lfs-6.0 soon (and include a patch 
similary to parallelcompiling for the nalfs-profiles).

> Thanks one and all,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger

Maybe, the answer is a *bit* late, however HTH


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