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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Nov 14 19:39:15 PST 2004

Boris Buegling wrote:

> On 14.11.2004, Jeremy Huntwork created this extraordinary piece of 
> modern literature:
>> 1) Investigate what needs to be done to auto-generate or update ALFS 
>> profiles when the book is edited. Jamie Bennett mentioned that he was 
>> going to take another look at lfscmd.
> IMHO, this will lead to a lot of kludge, because information is 
> missing from the book, which is needed to build packages, e.g. names 
> of the directory an unpacked tarball will create, as it is not always 
> simply basename $package .tar.{bz2,gz}. To have a clean solution, this 
> information should be included in the book's XML itself at some point, 
> we should discuss if and how this could be done.

If it is simple information like the extracted package directory name, 
there may be a chance the LFS editors won't mind including that in their 
XML.  The view is often held that the LFS book is first and foremost 
just that, a book, to be read and to learn from.  The LFS editors *may* 
be willing to make small concessions such as the above example, if the 
tags to include it are simple and clear, and the benefits for including 
it can be clearly shown. So we'd need to draw up exactly just what 
changes need to be made, and why it would be useful.

> I have some further suggestions:
> 1) The new tool should support conditional execution of some sort, to 
> be able to build on different architectures. This could make sth like 
> Ryan's cross-lfs scripts possible for nALFS.
> 2) I'm developing an installation logging library, which could be used 
> for the Uninstallation facility. An older version was posted to ALFS 
> discuss by me in 2003 (Message-ID: <20031020154333.GA4434 at>).
> 3) As far as dependencies are concerned, we already have much of that 
> information included in the books. Building according to a dependency 
> graph isn't really required for LFS and BLFS already lists optional 
> and required deps. The tool should first rely on this information.

All seem like suggestions worthy of consideration.  Thanks for the 
feedback ;)

Jeremy Huntwork

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