ALFS Direction

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Sun Nov 14 13:34:01 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-11-14 at 14:43 -0500, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> 1) Investigate what needs to be done to auto-generate or update ALFS 
> profiles when the book is edited. Jamie Bennett mentioned that he was 
> going to take another look at lfscmd.

There's a possibility there but the fundamental problem is that the book
is written from the interactive perspective and obviously we want
automation. The quickest example is in chapter 4 where the lfs user is
added. The code from the docbook source says that a 

	passwd lfs

should be used which would hang the nALFS tool. We get around this
currently by issuing a 

	echo &lfs-user;:&lfs-password; | chpasswd

instead. We need to document all these diversions from the book and if
there are only a few then we can obviously get around them which some
magic ;)

> 2) Full speed ahead on the new ALFS build tool!  

Good to hear.

> We need to finalize on the feature set of the new tool, so we can then 
> choose a language to use based on what fits our needs.  Once that is 
> done, we can begin organizing a development team.  So consider this the 
> re-opening/finalizing of the discussion of our future build tool.
> Anyone feel that there any other outstanding issues that ALFS needs to 
> concentrate on at this time?

We pretty much covered all the bases before so hopefully that stage is
near to completion.

> As Jamie mentioned in another post, there is now an IRC channel for the 
> development of ALFS at called #alfs-dev. I'm 
> often there and I'd like to encourage others who are interested in the 
> development of ALFS to join me.

I'll be there too and I hope to see #alfs-dev get busier the more we get
into this.

> Jeremy Huntwork

	--	Jamie

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