ALFS Direction

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Sun Nov 14 11:43:22 PST 2004

Hi Everyone!

First I want to say thank you for your support and confidence, and I 
look forward to working with all of you.

Considering the recent discussions that have taken place on this list, 
there are two areas I'd like to see the ALFS team focus on at present:

1) Investigate what needs to be done to auto-generate or update ALFS 
profiles when the book is edited. Jamie Bennett mentioned that he was 
going to take another look at lfscmd.

2) Full speed ahead on the new ALFS build tool!  Our new tool (according 
to current concept) will be nothing like the current nALFS, and won't be 
based on Neven Has' code, therefore, as Kevin pointed out to me, there's 
no need to call it nALFS2.  We've already got some good discussion on 
what the tool will be, and a nicely prepared wiki page on the subject.
We need to finalize on the feature set of the new tool, so we can then 
choose a language to use based on what fits our needs.  Once that is 
done, we can begin organizing a development team.  So consider this the 
re-opening/finalizing of the discussion of our future build tool.

Anyone feel that there any other outstanding issues that ALFS needs to 
concentrate on at this time?

As Jamie mentioned in another post, there is now an IRC channel for the 
development of ALFS at called #alfs-dev. I'm 
often there and I'd like to encourage others who are interested in the 
development of ALFS to join me.  I will be sure to keep logs of my 
conversations there, and will also post to alfs-discuss with any 
information of importance.

Let's have some fun! ;)

Jeremy Huntwork

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