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Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Nov 12 09:05:58 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-11-12 at 15:34 +0000, Jamie Bennett wrote:
> As nALFS's bugzilla hasn't been touch for some time I'm going
> through each bug to see what really needs doing. 
> I really think we should go into maintainance mode for nALFS and 
> fix the bad outstanding bugs and concentrate more on nALFS2 and 
> adding things like dependancy tracking and proper logging.
> All who agree say 'aye' and those who don't just flame me ;)
> 	--	Jamie

Jamie, going through the Bugzilla seems a good idea.  And I agree with
your proposal about concentrating now on nALFS2.  That really should be
our prime focus now.  But just how we go about that and the exact
direction we take with nALFS2 is a discussion that will undoubtedly be
affected by the new team leader.

Recall what Kevin said:

"I'd like to see nominations, discussion, dissension, etc. for the
next couple of weeks, at which time I (along with Gerard and Matt) will
come to some conclusion about who should take over this position.

Once that is done, it will be time for the new leader and the rest of
the community to try to determine what is the best direction for the
future. I think we have a great deal of talent here, and if that talent
is applied and managed well good things will come of it."

I agree with what Kevin said there.  We really need to get that decided
before we can move forward with nALFS2. To be honest, I'm fairly anxious
to have that part done with (one way or another) so that ALFS will be
whole and we can really get moving on the new tool.

Just MHO.

Jeremy Huntwork

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