[RFC] Call for new team leader

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Tue Nov 9 13:37:06 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> For a variety of personal reasons (primarily due to the new business I
> started a few months ago), I am stepping down as the team leader of the
> ALFS project. I do not have the time to provide direction for the team
> right now, and I can't see that changing in the near future. I have
> enjoyed this role for the better part of a year, and am very thankful
> that I have had a team of helpful, educated and responsible volunteers
> who do a great job keeping the ALFS profiles and other products in shape.
> Note that I am in no way leaving the LFS community :-) I will continue
> to be involved as much as I can, and I will be happy to continue to be a
> member of the ALFS team and provide profile maintenance or whatever else
> I can do.
> In addition to being a call for a new leader, this message is also a
> call for a new "direction" for this project. As Jamie Bennett mentioned
> in a post earlier this week, nALFS has pretty much fulfilled its
> mandate: it is a reliable, usable and understandable tool for automating
> basic LFS and BLFS builds. While there is a need to continue documenting
> it and providing bug fixes, there is no clear mandate to convert it into
> some other type of system maintenance tool.
> With that said, I think that the ALFS project (and the LFS/BLFS
> projects) might be able to benefit from having a more powerful and
> flexible system build/maintenance tool. The recent discussions about
> nALFS2 hinted at what people would like that tool to do, and I'm sure
> there is more out there as yet undiscovered :-) My concern, though, is
> that production of a tool like this moves LFS firmly into the "distro"
> camp, a place that there has been resistance to going before. While I
> personally have no opposition to that, the general LFS community has
> expressed wildly (and somewhat violently) different opinions.
> What we need now are two things:
> - a consensus on what direction the ALFS team should go, and what
> services/tools it should provide to the LFS/BLFS community
> - a leader who understands that direction and can manage the team to get
> those things accomplished
> It is not necessary that the team leader be able to code in C or any
> other language; for that matter, it's not really mandatory that they
> even have any experience working on the existing ALFS tools, although
> that would certainly be much preferred. What _is_ necessary is that they
> be able to manage a team of people they have never met, in time zones
> all across the world, and get their team to work in a cohesive, decisive
> manner to produce products that the community wants to use. This
> management will require a time commitment; without it, the project
> languishes (as has happened recently). In addition, the team leader
> needs to be a vocal member of the community, and make efforts to draw
> interested members into the ALFS team so that they can help the team
> fulfill its goals.
> OK, that's it for the management-speak <G>
> If you are interested in being the new team leader, or you can provide
> good reasoning to nominate someone else in the community, please speak
> up. I'd like to see nominations, discussion, dissension, etc. for the
> next couple of weeks, at which time I (along with Gerard and Matt) will
> come to some conclusion about who should take over this position.
> Once that is done, it will be time for the new leader and the rest of
> the community to try to determine what is the best direction for the
> future. I think we have a great deal of talent here, and if that talent
> is applied and managed well good things will come of it.
Well, I had already told Kevin this privately, but I'll go public with 
it as well.  I would be more than willing to provide some direction and 
leadership to the ALFS project.  I'm no coder, but I do have much 
experience in profiles, both updating the official unstable profile, as 
well as maintaining my own personal profile, and I've worked with all of 
you for quite some time as a member of the LFS project as a whole.  I 
have a lot of ideas on where the ALFS project should be looking to in 
the future, and would love to have a chance to continue the excellent 
work started by Neven, and continued by Kevin.

Thanks for your support, and for considering me.


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