Wether to release BLFS 5.1 or not ? was [Re: BLFS profile status and nALFS update]

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 13:39:48 PST 2004

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 13:03 -0500, Thomas Pegg wrote:


> Anyways those are just some thoughts I had, what do the rest of you think?

Dependency tracking would be a great addition to nALFS if nALFS is to
move away from building just LFS/BLFS systems and into the realms of a
fully fledged package manager but it depends entirely on the goals of
the project. At the moment (AFAIK) nALFS development hasn't just stalled
it's completely stopped and nALFS2 is just a pipe dream. I gave it a
start as customers of mine were after an nALFS tool with extra
functionality but it got scrapped early on in favour of a simpler design
and XML went out of the window (If anyones interested it uses OGDL

I think nALFS in its current state fulfils its original intended use,
that of an automated tool for building LFS/BLFS systems. If we start
adding things such as dependency tracking I'd really like to see the
project re-done from scratch but thats just MHO.

> Thomas

	--	Jamie

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