Better Instructions?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu May 13 17:57:43 PDT 2004

Ron wrote:

> I went to the Automated LFS web site at:
> on the right side of the screen under the heading "Read" I clicked on "nALFS Users Guide"
> I read all the way through that and the last thing is nALFS Installation and Configuration and then Quick Start.
> That is where I ran into trouble, the users guide wasnt much help.
> Is there a better place to look and read about ALFS? If so, could you send me a link to it?

OK, I suspected that. Yes, that user's guide is not yet complete, so I'm 
not surprised that you ran into some troubles. It also doesn't really 
have anything to do with the downloadable profiles, so again you would 
have to rely on the README file supplied with the profile to get you 

Sorry for the problems; the person who has been working on those 
documents has been very busy and has not had a lot of time to continue 
extending them :-(

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