Wether to apply changes from newxml to official profile??

Reinhard bookreader at gmx.com
Wed Mar 31 15:07:21 PST 2004

Thanks for your attention.

On Wednesday 31 March 2004 11:42, Jamie Bennett wrote:
> Reinhard wrote on 31 March 2004 09:47
> > Get a Makefile from the book, is really trivial, compared with
> > the command translation. But I'm on the way - and only few commands
> > pending for workout.
> All though not an ideal solution, have you looked at Vasilli's YAALFS
> implementation? (http://vassilidzuba.nerim.net/yaalfs.html) It could
> convert nALFS profiles into bash commands. You could probaby reverse it?

Noop - cause IMHO the xml-side is always well structured and in order, so it's 
quite easy to transform xml to anything you want.

Shellscripts are not at all well structured and they are seldom ordered. Quite 
often tricky variants are used, so if you want to use the full bandwidth of 
alfs profile syntax, you have to check for most system calls, whether you 
could write it in alfs-syntax or whether you have to (fallback to)  use 

Just an example (not sure, whether from lfs or blfs):
I dumped all sed-usages to a file to investigate, what could be written with 
*search_replace* and from over 30 sed-variants, only one could be written 
with *search_replace* - well, without human intervention and that is my 
If I have to edit a single file from the generated profiles (except the config 
files), I would consider my work as useless.

Kind regards


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