Profile logging update

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Wed Mar 31 06:42:47 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 31 March 2004 15:27
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>>   Was the syntax of logging profiles finalised? and what is the status
>> of this change? A quick look back through the archives suggests that this
>> could still be a little way off. Am I right?
> I'm 90% sure we've settled on the new syntax, although there could still
> be changes when I get to implementing it.

I only ask because I'm playing around with gtk+ at the moment and thought a
little project would be a GUI log file parsing program to show you what's
installed and what happened. This could be good preparation for a nALFS
front end
when the back and front eventually split sufficiently enough.

Jamie Bennett	<jamie (AT) linuxfromscratch (DOT) org>

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