Small Bugzilla clean-up

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Wed Mar 31 05:39:44 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 31 March 2004 14:36
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> Bug 610 (Make 'E' edit the right profile's part ) can be removed as
>> is also being removed? Is this right? I'm just catching up on mails as I
>> return to the online world from my house move :)
> Good to see you back, that took less time than you expected.

Only semi-back i.e. back at work with limited internet access. I've got
broadband on order for my new house with equipment coming hopefully Monday.
They say that I will be activated within 10 days but hopefully it could be
less than a week. Back to CVS commits then :)

Jamie Bennett	<jamie (AT) linuxfromscratch (DOT) org>

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