NOOB - Installing Binutils-2.14 - Pass 1

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Mar 27 12:23:20 PST 2004

erythros wrote:

> right so i'm installing binutils-2.14 - pass 1
> i'm following the lfs 5.0 book step fer step. i'm doing this from a
> slackware 9.1 full install system. i created the usr lfs, then logged is as
> lfs. i created the .bash_profile like i was suppose to. but the next step to
> make the ../binutils-build folder fails because my lfs user dosen't have the
> rights. was i suppose to switch back to my root login or was there something
> else i missed?

You'll need to repost this in the lfs-support list/newsgroup; this list 
is for discussion of Automated Linux From Scratch tools (see the FAQ at

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