nALFS CVS status (phase 3)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Mar 27 09:29:50 PST 2004

Reinhard wrote:

> I just updated nALFS and it failed again at the same position with seg-fault.
> This time the log area looks a bit better.
> Following the logs, binutils has status 'done'.

I'm not sure what's going on there, I do not have this problem any 
longer. I just found a problem with search_replace and fixed that, but 
my builds have progressed far beyond binutils in chapter 5.

Do you have gdb installed on your system? If so and you're willing, run 
nALFS like this:

$ gdb nALFS
gdb> run LFS-5.0.xml

When it segfaults, if it does, you will be back at the gdb> prompt and 
can use the backtrace (bt) command to see where it died.

> But again no error message.
> On my first try today, I forgot to mount the lfs-device and nALFS terminated 
> also with a seg-fault on 'cd /tools/...' - but I saw the 'cd .. ' in 
> log-window as last action.

OK, I will look into this to see what error handling is missing.

> Just a question:
> How about to stabilize nALFS, so that it displays an error and just stops the 
> build, but does not terminate (in interactive mode only - of cause.)?

That's how it's supposed to work already :-) There are bugs though, 
since I have changed quite a bit of the system lately. Thanks for 
helping me find them.

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