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James Robertson jwrober at
Wed Mar 24 07:12:24 PST 2004

Reinhard wrote:
> I don't generate just one profile. I looked at the official profiles and I 
> also generate profiles for each chapter with different stages, all dynamic as 
> senseful for the specific chapter.
> Additional the script generates 2 entity-files, to enable entity-resolution 
> from profile-instructions, download-locations, and so on.
> Finally there's an xml-entry-file, containing the references to the profiles, 
> based on a personal package-selection (only useful for blfs), sorted by 
> dependency tracking and included cecking for already installed packages, with 
> comments on probably useful rebuild.
> I agree, that the profiles are no trivial stuff, but I think (or better said: 
> it was my intention), the generated profiles are very close to the official 
> ones.
> But ok, if you have information in the profiles not included in the book, ...
> Cheers Reinhard

Thanks for the info and comments Reinhard.  I too would like to see 
search_replace simplified and made more powerful.  I saw that Kevin has 
that in his plan and that is good enough for me.  I also know that 
package dependencies are on the list as well to make nALFS act kind of 
like a package manager.  Well built profiles with all the dependency 
info in them, the tool would be able to use the logs of already 
installed packages to determine the order to install the new stuff.

This is in the roadmap.  With your help on pulling the information out 
of the XML source directly, I think, could help Thomas and Jamie.  I'll 
let them make that determination.  I have no issues with perl scripts to 
add functionality to the tool.  We already have one bash shell script in 
the package.


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