automated profile generation

Reinhard bookreader at
Wed Mar 24 06:19:54 PST 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 14:27, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> I don't think it would make sense to make <search_replace> support
> multiple filename pairs; 

Correct me if I'm wrong:
currently, there's not a filename-pair, but a single filename?
and as lot of sed-commands have a differnent filename for read and a different 
filename for write, I thought it makes sense to differ IN and OUT.
I DON'T think, that multiple filename-pairs make any sense!

May be, I'm not good enuf to express what I mean...

> profile. I do have intentions of extending it to support wildcards in
> the file path, and regular expressions for the <find> and <replace>
> elements, but they're pretty far down the list and won't be done for a
> few months unless another volunteer does it first :-)

Well, I can't imagine the amount of work to change anything inside nALFS,
I just thought, if you understand find and replace as a pair, it should be 
easy, to allow multiple find-replace-pairs and so support sed-instructions 
with multiple -e arguments for the same filename(-pair)

> > If not, are you interested in such scripts?
> Probably not, because there are things in the official profiles that are
> not in the book (configuration options and other bits). 

Ok, I didn't saw that for now. Should have a closer look to the profiles.

> You'd have to chat with Thomas Pegg and Jamie Bennett to see if your 
> scripts could be useful to them.

Sorry, I'm a bit outdated and chat is not my issue.

>  Note also that the official profiles are broken up into
> <stage>s and <package>s, etc. and may be more complex than a
> script-generated profile.

I don't generate just one profile. I looked at the official profiles and I 
also generate profiles for each chapter with different stages, all dynamic as 
senseful for the specific chapter.
Additional the script generates 2 entity-files, to enable entity-resolution 
from profile-instructions, download-locations, and so on.
Finally there's an xml-entry-file, containing the references to the profiles, 
based on a personal package-selection (only useful for blfs), sorted by 
dependency tracking and included cecking for already installed packages, with 
comments on probably useful rebuild.

I agree, that the profiles are no trivial stuff, but I think (or better said: 
it was my intention), the generated profiles are very close to the official 

But ok, if you have information in the profiles not included in the book, ...

Cheers Reinhard

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