automated profile generation

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Mar 24 05:27:53 PST 2004

Reinhard wrote:
> <search_replace> is (stands today) only usable for 'sed -i -e ...',
> cause it only has a filename param and find/replace are singletons.


> Do you know, are there plans to extend this to support i.e. <infile> and 
> <outfile> or to enable multiple commands, you could i.e. allow following 
> syntax:

I don't think it would make sense to make <search_replace> support 
multiple filename pairs; it's too easy to just put more elements in the 
profile. I do have intentions of extending it to support wildcards in 
the file path, and regular expressions for the <find> and <replace> 
elements, but they're pretty far down the list and won't be done for a 
few months unless another volunteer does it first :-)

> I read, that now the profiles where placed in cvs. 
> Do you already have scripts to generate them?

No, they are manually maintained.

> If not, are you interested in such scripts?

Probably not, because there are things in the official profiles that are 
not in the book (configuration options and other bits). You'd have to 
chat with Thomas Pegg and Jamie Bennett to see if your scripts could be 
useful to them. Note also that the official profiles are broken up into 
<stage>s and <package>s, etc. and may be more complex than a 
script-generated profile.

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