nALFS CVS status (phase 3)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Mar 21 20:33:37 PST 2004

nALFS CVS HEAD is now back to being 95% functional; there are a few 
things not yet reimplemented, the only significant one is the detailed 
information display for elements (arrived at by pressing "i" on an 
element, or the right arrow if it has no children) is not done for all 
elements, but I will complete the remainder in the next few days.

Anyone who has time to build and test with a known working profile 
please let me know. I don't have time to roll a -pre1 tarball yet, and 
I'm not sure I'm ready to as I'd like to get some logging changes in 
place first, but some testing of the work that's been done would be helpful.

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