automated profile generation

Reinhard bookreader at
Fri Mar 19 20:53:06 PST 2004

On Thursday 18 March 2004 14:39, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Reinhard wrote:
> > is there an interest to discuss things, I don't know how to put in the
> > profile (i.e. in chapter "alsa-driver" there's a change of the CC var for
> > configure. Don't know, whether I got it right, but I think, this change
> > only aplies to configure and not to the whole build-stage.
> > And environment is a subelement of stageinfo.
> > Do I have to use the execute-token for that case?)
> If you only need to set CC for the configure command, you can use a
> <prefix> parameter to the <configure> element, like this:
> <configure>
>    <prefix>CC=/foo/bar/cc</prefix>
>    <param>--prefix=/usr</param>
>    ...
> </configure>

Thank you for the hint!
I'll work it out.

By the way - do you know, how to do command chaining in profile syntax?
(samples from cvs-version of BLFS)
i.e. apache:
sed -i -e "s%User nobody%User apache%" -e "s%^Group #-1%Group apache%" /etc/

i.e. exim:
sed -e 's/^BIN_DIR.*$/BIN_DIRECTORY=\/usr\/sbin/' src/EDITME | sed -e 's/
^CONF.*$/CONFIGURE_FILE=\/etc\/exim.conf/' | sed -e 's/^EXIM_USER.*$/
EXIM_USER=exim/' | sed -e 's/^EXIM_MONITOR/#EXIM_MONITOR/' > Local/Makefile

Thanks again for your attention.

Kind regards 


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