automated profile generation

Hui Zhou zhouhui at
Thu Mar 18 05:47:13 PST 2004

On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 01:12:20PM +0100, Reinhard wrote:
> Is there someone willing to have a look at those generated profiles?

You are doing something I have planned before. I didn't really work on
it because of shift of interest and scarce free time. (When I
finished lfs and have a seemingly stable comfortable system to work
with, and the time schedule is tight, it's very easy to abandon some
some ideas although I felt very interested initially.) 
In case you didn't receive much response, I would like to encourage
you. Keep up the good work as long as you having the fun. When you
have something and would like someone to lookat it, post it up. I
don't really use nALFS now, but I can quickly pick it up and try some
test if I got the time.)

> is there an interest to discuss things, I don't know how to put in the profile 

The automated work may never rival a manual one. And when your
automated profile have significant different structure than the manual
one, the use of the automated profile is limited at least for those
using manual profiles currently, who won't just throw away their
labor. So if you havn't, why don't you first look at the BLFS profile
they already have, and try to produce a profile with the similar

-Hui Zhou

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