automated profile generation

Reinhard bookreader at
Thu Mar 18 04:12:20 PST 2004


I'm working on the "filter", that generates nALFS-profiles.
I think, I'm an the ':' from the 80:20 rule :)
... and as I don't know much about nALFS yet (I worked based on the dtd-file),
I would like to discuss the result.

Is there someone willing to have a look at those generated profiles?
is there an interest to discuss things, I don't know how to put in the profile 
(i.e. in chapter "alsa-driver" there's a change of the CC var for configure. 
Don't know, whether I got it right, but I think, this change only aplies to 
configure and not to the whole build-stage.
And environment is a subelement of stageinfo.
Do I have to use the execute-token for that case?)

Kind regards 


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