ALFS Limited to LFS Only?

Reinhard bookreader at
Wed Mar 17 06:51:15 PST 2004


when I started with BLFS (not so far ago) I had a quick look at ALFS. I didn't 
scanned the mailing list, therefor I thought ALFS is just for LFS only.

So I wrote a script, which takes the commands and links out of blfs, scans the 
dependencies (honoring the different types of dependencies and also honoring 
already installed packages) and generates the files nessesary for the build.

May be, my package-selection did not conform the mainstream, so I run into 
some troubles.
After checking the source for that, I found out, that the dependencies 
mentioned in BLFS don't conform to the build-instructions used by the book.
I thought, that was caused by lack of time and I edited the chapters and send 
the diffs to the blfs-dev mailinglist.

Well I was so silly, thinking that the different LFS-groups work together to 
help each others ...

Not at all. I had to realize, that the BLFS-book has the limitations by 
intention. They don't want to support automated processing.

So - whatever you do for dependency - checking, it won't work with the BLFS 

If somebody is interested, I could send the scripts.

At the moment I create a file for wget, different build_scripts and a Makefile 
surrounding all, but it should be no great job, to change the output-module 
to create profiles for nALFS.

I patched my local copy of the BLFS-book and then the script works fine.

Kind regards


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