[RFC] profile editing within nALFS: how much do you really want it?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Mar 15 09:24:12 PST 2004

Hui Zhou wrote:

> I always have doubt in XML. If you don't mind, could you list the
> reasons (sort my priority) that the profile has to be in XML, in short? 
> Appreciate it.

Well, I wasn't around when the original decision was made to use XML for 
ALFS profiles, but I can certainly see the advantages. Some of them are:

- pure text format (no binary storage)
- the format can be described (DTD) and validated by existing tools
- there are existing document editors that can be used to create 
profiles and ensure that they are valid
- profiles are relatively easy for users to understand and aren't 
closely tied to any one particular tool or method of execution (unlike 
systems that just produce shell scripts from their "profiles")

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