[RFC] profile editing within nALFS: how much do you really want it?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Mar 13 23:50:16 PST 2004

This subject came up a couple of weeks ago, but is more relevant now 
with a series of changes that were just committed to CVS.

The general direction that nALFS is going in will make it nearly 
impossible to provide any useful profile editing within nALFS. As it 
stands right now, once the profile is parsed nearly all knowledge of the 
original XML structure is gone; what's left is whatever information the 
handlers decided to store to be able to do their jobs when the profile 
is executed. In the future, when I get around to splitting nALFS into a 
proper frontend and backend, it will be even less possible to edit the 
profile after loading it, because the frontend will never have even 
parsed the XML at all (the backend will do that).

For now I have changed the default in the configure script to not enable 
the element editor, and I suspect that it just needs to be removed. It's 
a very difficult thing to build and do properly, and there are other XML 
document creation/editing tools out there that will always be able to do 
a better job. The only possible advantage to the current scheme is that 
the editing can be done within nALFS without having to exit to reload 
the profile, but I see very little benefit to that.

Anyone out there who really, really, _really_ wants to be able to edit 
profiles from within nALFS please speak up...

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