nALFS CVS status

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Mar 13 23:44:21 PST 2004

I have just committed a large bunch of changes to nALFS. In a nutshell:

- the profile parsing conversion is completed, now all handlers 
participate in profile parsing, there is (limited) semantic checking of 
the profile contents and the generic parsing code has far less intimate 
knowledge of specific handlers now

- profiles with "mixed" syntax versions will now work properly

- lots of bug fixes and a few performance improvements

On the downside, the profile display in nALFS is currently broken 
(packages and stages don't show anything, and other elements don't show 
much under "detailed information"). This will be fixed in the next 
couple of days, as I remove more handler-specific code from nALFS proper 
and put it into the handlers where it belongs.

The net result of this work is that the "generic" parser code in 
src/{handlers,parser,libXML-tree}.c got much simpler and smaller, while 
the code in the handlers themselves got larger and more sophisticated. 
There is a net gain in code size overall (although no duplication was 
added), but many features added for the code size increase.

As it stands tonight it will be difficult to use nALFS CVS to run a 
profile, but I'd like to get some testers to at least compile it and use 
it to load various different profiles to make sure the profile parsing 
is not broken in any obvious way. It has no trouble loading the official 
LFS profile, nor loading a number of small test profiles I have.

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